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Get Published Now, is a simple and easy guide available in two versions; one for writing groups and the second for first-time writers, that should help to make the process from pen and paper, to wine at a book launch much quicker and easier for all involved.

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Since 2010, Lettertec Ireland Ltd has helped thousands of individuals, organisations and companies bring their manuscripts all the way from initial words, to printed pages in a book and enjoyed by countless readers. Putting a book together, has a steep learning curve with a lot of different areas that authors and project managers need to research and learn, this is more so when it comes to groups putting together a collection for publication.

The aim of this book is to help answer as many questions as possible that members of the group might have such as, how do we put a collection together? Do we need a proofreader? To more technical questions such as what paper should we use and should we have a book launch?

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